On this page you will find details of the Composite & Quartz worktops we can supply and fit. If you have any questions about any of the materials, then contact us. To see samples of all Composite & Quarts worktops, click here.
Italian manufacturer of quartz/granite composite stone, represent a breakthrough in conception and production techniques. Extraordinarily beautiful colours, compact structure, exceptional hardness and choice of surface finish, all combine to provide the most rewarding and contemporary man-made surface available.
Thanks to the wide network of Cosentino, the leading brand of Silestone can be found wherever around the world. It is so unique stone that it can only come from one of the best compounds that the Nature has to offer with the highest technology of the best of Nature. Silestone has a sophisticated appearance. The touch and weight of a natural stone, but with a superior quality. Silestone, 94% of natural quartz, one of the most resistant and beutiful elements of the Nature, allows to create from the most beautiful kitchen worktop to the most innovative business project.
Today's market requires products that, whilst upholding an extremely high aesthetic value, are able to fulfil the role for which they were created. Our "Marble & Quartz Surfaces" technology enables us to handle and work the natural marble and quartz in order to adapt them to the modern world, overcoming their technical and aesthetic limitations.

From floors and walls, to stair treads, worktops, friezes, door, and window frames, columns, fireplaces, furniture... , our specialised technology allows for altering the original textures and colours of the natural marble or quartz, achieving varied designs, formats, and finishes that suit customers needs.
Okite is top in the kitchen. To you the choice of colour and thickness, edge finish and the knowledge that unlike ordinary stone, Okite does not need to be sealed or polished. Enjoy the confidence of a hygienic surface that has been tested and approved by NSF for foor preparation. Easy to clean and low maintenance.
Discover a surface that takes innovative design, interior elegance, and beauty to a whole new level.

Technistone is a stone product enhanced by technological innovation to create a surface with the beauty and charm of natural stone and yet one that is more durable, requires less maintenance, and is a safer more hygienic surface.

Composed of quartz, one of natures hardest mineral, the durability of Technistone and its resistance to normal wear make it a great value for your home and busy lifestyle.

The beauty, quality, and elegance of Technistone creates the perfect setting for many residential or commercial applications. With a wide array of rich colors and textures you can make your vision of luxury come to life and capture the mood you're looking for.